That typical saying ‘It’ll happen as soon as you stop thinking about it’ never applied more than with our pregnancy. I always hoped to be a mum and when we decided it was time, I started planning/tracking everything…then my husband went to work overseas. I used that time to balance my hormones through a naturopath and count down until I got to see hubby. We went on a dream holiday to the Maldives and this did not align with all of my ovulating knowledge so I didn’t think about any of my tracking. Turns out I had all my facts wrong! Best Maldives souvenir ever!

I 120% absorbed all the information in the first trimester -which was very overwhelming! I did love reading other mums recommendations based on their experiences, so here is a quick 10 questions surrounding all my favourite Motherhood topics.

  1. Best and most challenging part of pregnancy

The best part of pregnancy for me would have to be the ultrasounds. I would get such a high after seeing her develop. Close to this would have to be seeing how amazing the female body is and the changes that take place to support the growth of a new life.

The most challenging part was the last week where I developed preeclampsia and had very swollen, sore ankles. This led to an induction only a couple of days away from due date. I just remember that week being very uncomfortable.

2. Typical day on a plate

My cravings weren’t too out of control, I just really enjoyed what I would call ‘comfort food’. Lots of carbs! A typical day would be:

Breakfast: Shot of Multi Greens, 2 pieces of sourdough toast with vegemite. Coffee.

Lunch: Wrap filled with salad & chicken – I also became obsessed with vegan aioli.

Dinner: Pasta, burgers, roast vegetables with a source of protein (This changed a lot). Later in my pregnancy we started doing Hello Fresh, which I loved.

Snacks: I consumed lots of snacks. crackers, protein shake with milk, protein bar, Chobani yoghurt, berries, peanut butter

3. Biggest cravings

My biggest craving was subway!

4. Fitness regime

I mainly focused on walking each day – roughly 45 minutes. I did this up until 35 weeks, when I started experiencing lightening crotch – yes that’s a thing! It genuinely feels like a bolt of lightning is shooting into your hoo-ha! It would only last a few seconds and is due to a nerve pinching…so I stopped my long waddles.

I didn’t do any weights during my pregnancy, even though I would do light weight circuits prior. I just really craved walking and stretching.

5. Beauty and self-care rituals

Skincare – there are so many natural and effective skincare ranges out there. I have always been obsessed with skincare and diving into the ingredients. I did use Kora Organics whilst I was pregnant and this range is great! There is a skincare company that I wish I knew about, which is Grace Cosmetics. They have an extremely natural range and majority of the products are safe to use during pregnancy/breastfeeding. They even have a range suitable for bub.

I experienced hormonal acne again late first-second trimester. I was unable to continue using my herbs from the Naturopath and the safest option was to just let it run it coarse. I did find some handy hacks to help with this…

  • Pimple patches – I used these ones – they sell them at Big W, Coles, Woolworths.
  • Witch Hazel as a toner on the breakout.
  • Revolution Skincare Overnight Blemish Lotion – sold at Priceline. I did check with MotherSafe prior to using this product.

6. Favourite resources


  • Hello bump – highly recommend and the episodes are broken down into months, which allow you to relate to what they are discussing.


  • Hi Mommy (daily updates & has a Hi Daddy option)
    • What to Expect
    • Freya (closure to labour)


  • Not so Mumsy by Marcia Leone (Love this)
    • The Baby Bible by Bec Judd (early in pregnancy I found this really useful/funny!)
    • Beyond the Bump (Good read for in the third trimester)


  • My Body My Baby
  • Australian Breastfeeding Association – I cannot emphasise enough how beneficial it is to get the info on breastfeeding! Once bub arrived, I contacted the volunteer helpline from ABN a bunch of times and they are extremely helpful. The website also has fantastic literature on feeding.

7. Top 3 purchases for baby and mum

Top purchases for baby would have to be the carriers (Ergobaby and Zarperbebe), the cloud lounge for the bassinet and a baby swing.

Top purchases for mum would be a pregnancy pillow (especially for when/if you’ve really popped), maternity leggings- The Lululemon Align leggings and a good belly oil (I loved Mamamio and Bio oil)

8. Favourite clothing items

Would have to be Lululemon Align leggings

9. Favourite Mum-inspo

Kelsey Foyd and Marcia Leone for fashion inspo

Krystal Hipwell for health and fitness

10. Advice for new mums

Give yourself time, allow yourself to slow down and have faith that you have all the knowledge and tools to be the best mum to your baby.

Surround yourself with positive influences (especially online), as everyone’s story is different so you never want to misread a photo or compare yourself unrealistically.

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